Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kala ...

the himi princess has had her surgery (all but 4 teeth had to be removed)
and is doing quite well

she is a dead ringer for Coco - but nice - really really nice - letting me dose her sore mouth with DISGUSTING antirobe (it really does taste awful) - letting Tom and I visit with her - not minding the cats or dogs one little bit...

somewhere I found the name Kala - it means princess in Hawaiian ..

well I like Hawaii
and when we first met Kala her tongue was stuck out (it still is) an irrevant princess suited me fine (himi's kind of look stuck up - their inner persian I guess)
and all are rescues are princesses - at least at our place
and it sounds like Coco enough for a matched set of foster cats
she can only eat wet food - rather princess-like I think

anyhow she's a dear girl with her malformed jaw and sticking out tongue and hardly any teeth ..
her coat needs some work - and brushing but we like her (just all the animals round these parts - sweet or not!

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